This might sound weird, but our real downfall in the US began on Sept 2 1945. Everything we see now in the news and on our streets, as well as what’s to come can be traced back to that brief moment in time.

How could such a wonderful accomplishment have been the starting point for all the madness we now see circling our drain? At first glance, this seems to be an unlikely pairing of events, but logic dictates.

Ask any professional sports player, and they’ll tell you that their greatest failure only happened after their greatest success. What they experienced was that after having achieved a great victory, a lull set in. Relaxed under a warm blanket that kept everything nice and cozy, they could never again find the eye of the tiger needed to win big.

It was the Rocky story all over again, but without the comeback.

This is human nature.

We relax once we’ve accomplished our goal, forgetting what got us there in the first place. Also, in respect to the dangers that affront our society, evil never sleeps.. the danger of being run over or of having the foundation eroded from within never really goes away.

After WWII, having just won the greatest victory against socialism, against communism, fascism and everything else that warms itself by the totalitarian fire… we dropped our guard and relaxed. Human nature took over, as we fell into a lull.

I’ll write more on this later, as I feel a lull washing over me at the moment.

Stay tuned.

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