UndergroundRock #11 – Bands You Need To Hear


Hi everybody! Here’s two more awesome guitar driven-rock bands for you to check out. Check them out, see what you think!

Lion’s Tail by The Miscreants

Four girls, roaring guitars, heavy drums and a badass attitude – that’s The Miscreants, the hardest band around. When they were just in their early teens, The Miscreants started writing and producing their own music independently, shaking up the rock scene with pure girl power. Inspired by a mysteriously looking mask they found in a vintage store, the girls came up with their name and mascot The Miscreant and her horse Styx. Leaving their real identities in the dark, The Miscreants only appear in the form of this mythical figure, representing what they stand for – free spirits who aren’t afraid of breaking the rules and stirring up trouble for justice.

With their music, The Miscreants want to lead change and inspire girls to…

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