Deep Within the Grift

At this point, most of us who have tried to sound the alarm have been silenced. Where once there were many, now there are few. So very few.

It’s the grift that allows this.

Social media sites are all participating in a massive, ongoing con game. Our site is free and open. Join us and express yourselves. Connect, connect, connect. Yeah, right.

You see, a large part of the grift is the idea that things like shadow banning or number manipulation can’t possibly be real. Even if it is, it certainly doesn’t happen here.

I hear that repeated often by those who have fallen for it.

If a site gets deleted, then it must have been doing something wrong or broken a site guideline. Just stay within the rules, abiding by all the common practices and guidelines, and everything will be just fine.

That’s the grift talking, folks.

If you truly believe things like shadow banning, number tampering or any of the other tricks that work against truth tellers aren’t happening right here this very moment, then I feel sorry for you.

You’re obviously so deep within the con game, you can’t see straight. The lines are all fuzzy. Good and bad are inverted, but it’s all just rosy.

It’s a bad place to be, I tell you.

Deep within the grift.

Seriously Pumped

It’s only been one year, just one. Hard to believe but it was just last summer when my mom was murdered. I won’t go into it here, but if you want the full story, go here.

The past few days have been brutal, no lie.

I mostly want to begin charting the way things are, but with the added burden of constant censorship… I may need to be crafty. At least a little bit.

So, I think that I’ll link the controversial topics, along with some excellent videos and on the spot observations here, since that blog site has already been censored to death.

Remember, nobody ever censors a lie. They only care about getting rid of the truth. It’s a clown world out there; a complete inverse to the way things ought to be.

A clown world, I tell you.